$45 Million

Settlement of wrongful death cases of 6 refinery workers killed in an explosion.

$38.5 Million

Verdict against trailer manufacturer for failure to provide side underride protection, causing brain damage to 26 year old single mother. This verdict was, and remains, the largest underride verdict ever obtained in the U.S.

$34 Million

Verdict against Domino’s Pizza, holding the franchisor liable for negligence of franchisee employee resulting in wrongful death of 65 year old woman and TBI to 69 year old man. This verdict was ranked the #1 motor vehicle verdict of 2013 for the State of Texas.

$25 Million

Total settlement involving charter bus rollover carrying a local high school girls’ soccer team.

$22.5 Million

Total settlement of product liability case for deaths of 2 power plant employees and burn injuries to a 3rd.

$20 Million

Product liability settlement against bus manufacturer for failure to include seat belts and safety glass.

$16.1 Million

Verdict against 18-wheeler for crushing leg injuries to motor cycle policeman. Tried with Walter Umphrey and Joe Jamail.

$10.5 Million

Settlement of product liability case involving defective tire and causing wrongful death of divorced parent with 14 year old daughter.

$10.2 Million

Verdict in product liability case resulting in injury to lumbar spine requiring multiple surgeries.

$10.1 Million

Settlement of case against paper mill for causing traumatic leg amputations to worker.

$10.1 Million

Settlement of multiple wrongful death claims arising from collision with 18-wheeler tanker.

$9.5 Million

Settlement of product liability case involving severe burns and death of plant worker.

$8 Million

Verdict for wrongful death of 50 year old single parent in motor vehicle collision.

$8 Million

Settlement for wrongful death of woman killed in collision with multiple 18-wheelers.

$7.5 Million

Settlement after 3 weeks of trial for wrongful death of parents of adult children due to collision with 18-wheeler.

$7.5 Million

Settlement of industrial accident case where contractor suffered traumatically amputated arm.

$7.5 Million

Settlement for burn victim in industrial accident at electrical facility.

$6.6 Million

Verdict for wrongful death of plant worker due to benzene-caused leukemia.

$6 Million

Partial settlement for wrongful death of 65 year old woman and traumatic brain injury to her 69 year old husband as a result of an automobile collision with a pizza deliveryman.

$5.5 Million

Wrongful death of plant worker as a result of defective equipment at work site.

Listed above are some of the cases in which one of our lawyers have served as lead counsel or was primarily responsible for the settlement or verdict. The client’s ultimate total recovery may have been subject to medical liens and other third-party claims. These past results are not a guarantee or prediction of the outcome of any other cases. Each case presents its own unique facts and issues.