$34 Million

Verdict against Domino’s Pizza, holding the franchisor liable for negligence of franchisee employee resulting in wrongful death of 65 year old woman and TBI to 69 year old man. This verdict was ranked the #1 motor vehicle verdict of 2013 for the State of Texas.

$25 Million

Total settlement involving charter bus rollover carrying a local high school girls’ soccer team.

$8 Million

Verdict for wrongful death of 50 year old single parent in motor vehicle collision.

$6 Million

Partial settlement for wrongful death of 65 year old woman and traumatic brain injury to her 69 year old husband as a result of an automobile collision with a pizza deliveryman.

$5 Million

Policy limits settlement against operator of common carrier that resulted in two wrongful deaths and multiple injuries.

$4 Million

Verdict against UPS for causing pre-natal head and developmental injuries to child.

$2.4 Million

Policy limits settlement of motor vehicle collision resulting in spinal cord injury to woman.

$2 Million

In-trial settlement from motor carrier involving aggravation of pre-existing multiple sclerosis.

$2 Million

Settlement involving wrongful death of student returning from party and involved in collision with tanker trailer.

$1.2 Million

Settlement for 22 year old female with multiple fractures who was involved in MVA with pickup driven by underage boy who had been drinking.

$1 Million

Settlement for woman who suffered a fractured leg in collision with a logging truck.